XL Business Solution

XL Business Solution

XL Business Solutions provides effective and efficient integrated telecommunication solutions, according to increasing functions and needs in various industries. Our complete solutions have provided our customers with tremendous benefits, such as reduced costs, greater efficiency, business process improvement, and many more.

XL Axiata began serving the corporate market since 2001, along with the increasing needs of the corporate market for data and voice solutions. In 2003, XL Axiata started developing and serving the corporate market by establishing XL Business Solutions. In 2009, XL Business Solutions has served over 2.965 corporate customers across the country, most of which (99%) are of medium and large enterprises. Striving to become the preferred complete solutions provider for the corporate market, XL Business Solutions offers revolutionary innovations and anticipates future needs through continuous monitoring and evaluation of current and future market trends.

While maintaining service excellence in each and every aspect of our operations, XL Business Solutions is always client-oriented by utilizing a direct & consultative approach, also prioritizing key customers. As you can also see in our After Sales support, dedicated to provide customers with highly responsive and immediate handling of any problems/complaints, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and commitment to our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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