At XL, We Are Nurturing Your Potential To Be A Digital Champion In Innovation Environment

  • Life at XL

    At XL, we live like an eager new students, too many events are exciting to pass up.

  • Employee Experience

    We know when to work and when to play.

  • VP Notes

    In XL we know that every individual is a unique talent and we believe with XL, every talent can give positive impact for the world. M. Hira Kurnia - VP, Human Capital & Facility Management

  • Millenial Attitude

    At XL, we success in building harmony on each other employee's generation with regard superior subordinate relationship, establish communication that is coach - coachee as well as to appreciate and give fair treatment in remuneration.

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  • XL Alumni

    Testimony from our XL Graduates. Read their stories in XL here.

XL Alumni

  • Andhika Nursatria
    XL Alumni

    "When I was first join with XL all I think was only working, never thought before that this company will provide me with more than doing a work. It turned out that they taught me not only about technical skill but also soft skill, which I redeem the benefit now. Their development program for top performer really accelerated career. My CEO always remind all leaders to spare their 20% spare time to get trained to increase our skill. So even rhough I started my career in IT field with XL, this company has provide me a complete business skill to support my career in future"

  • Ari Tjahjanto
    XL Alumni

    "At XL, they really walk their culture (in my time was Integrity - Team Work - Service Exellence). The atmosphere combined with fun and excitement, where we have many of employee club for interest and hobbies that also create networking and bonding between employees to help achieving company's goals"

  • Indra Gumala
    XL Alumni

    "Cuma di XL elo bisa bergaya fungky (jeans and polo shirt), speak up without fear to be punished as long as elo mematuhi rambu dan company policy and your superior is alsi your discussion friend"

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