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The First in South Asia, XL - Carrefour Collaborates to Sell Contents and Applications

The First in South Asia,

XL - Carrefour Collaborates to Sell Contents and Applications

Jakarta, 17 Juli 2013. Compelling content and applications is definitely going to be an added value to service providers. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL) and PT Trans Indonesian Retail (Carrefour) work together to open a channel to sell content and applications through Carrefour's outlets across various cities in Indonesia. As an initial step, XL and Carrefour currently provides sales for Ring Back Tone (RBT). This is the first sales of its kind in modern retail in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. Launch of joint cooperation as well as the introduction of the new channels was led by the Chief of Digital Services XL - Dian Siswarini and Corporate Affairs Director, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia - RM. Adji Srihandoyo, in Jakarta, July 17, 2013.

General Manager of Content & Application XL - Revie Sylviana Dewi Andriani said, "This partnership is very exciting and probably the only one in Asia. Who would have imagined we would sell content and applications such as RBT in modern retail like Carrefour? That's why we warmly welcome the cooperation for this innovative service, which allows us to find new channels for customers to get the XL RBT."

Hendrik Adrianto, (Head of External Communications & CSR, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia), said that "This partnership is a breakthrough program to provide added value to all our loyal customers. We will always provide programs that appeal to consumers so that customers will continue to choose Carrefour as the retailer of choice for the whole family of Indonesia."

Dian said that partnership with Carrefour is one of XL's efforts in developing content marketing channels, especially through modern channels and is also XL's commitments to develop the digital industry, in particular digital music decline sales (on CD or Cassette). Initial collaboration between XL and one of the largest hypermarket chain in Indonesia marked the use of modern retail network in the future.