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To Support National Education Development, XL Target Implements 40 SIFOSTER Applications in Bau-Bau

Bau-Bau, November 14, 2011 – Establishing smart society is one of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL) responsibilities in developing Indonesia. To actualize that commitment, XL provides sophisticated facilities to control the success of teaching and learning process in school through SIFOSTER (Sistem Informasi Sekolah Terpadu/Integrated School Information System) application. XL will apply this program in 40 schools in Bau-Bau as the 470th birthday gift for that city. Recently, XL started giving this application program to SMA 1 Bau-Bau.

XL North Region Vice President Nuruddin Al Fithroh said, “Telecommunication and cellular service have become inseparable parts of Indonesia society’s life, including the students. There are many benefits of these services that must be acknowledged by the public. We hope through this program, the education process can be executed maximally, in which the teachers, parents, and students can find out their self-development through this application, such as grade check, attendance, career guidance, and tuition check.”

SIFOSTER was designed to provide information to the students or parents about any stuff related with school, such as students attendance, students grade, tuition information, career guidance, and all of that are SMS-based. In early April 2011, this program has been applied in Makassar and has been successfully running in 54 schools. SIFOSTER program is a part of XL CSR program that becomes XL mission in developing the education.

Although XL has only been available in that city since September 26, 2011, but the response was quite good, and the number of XL customers in that city has reached 15,000 customers. Currently, Bau-Bau is supported with four 2G BTS and that number will keep increasing based on the telecommunication market needs in that area.

Meanwhile in Southeast Sulawesi, overall XL has been available since 2005 with a number that has reached 66 2G BTS and 5 3G BTS, supported with MSC in Kendari. XL is the first 3G operator in Southeast Sulawesi. Currently, XL coverage has reached 80% of the population in Southeast Sulawesi with 150,000 customers.