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XL Best Dealer Award 2011, XL Appreciation for the Dealers

Jakarta, June 27, 2011 – Dealers hold significant role in the credit distribution network from operator to consumers. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL) is aware of the dealer’s position in the link of high-quality service supply to customers throughout the nation. For that, XL specifically gave high appreciation to the dealers as strategic business partners in Best Dealer Award. XL President Director Hasnul Suhaimi gave Best Dealer Award 2011 (period February – April 2011) to the best dealers in Jakarta last week.

Hasnul Suhaimi said, “XL without doubt continues to launch various programs that are not only provide awards, but also business guidance so performance can be enhanced continuously. For XL, dealers are strategic partners, not just merely sales distributors. We are grateful to the dealers who also helped educating and maintaining customer loyalty. Dealers are partners who are also the company spearhead in taking the market.”

Best Dealer Awards period February – April 2011 were given to 10 dealers which represented each sub-region. They are Prima HP II Cirebon, CV Telemega Utama Indramayu, CV Anugerah Sampang, PT Grha Mandiri Abadi Sumbawa, PT Sukses Inti Perkasa Banjarmasin, PT Metta Surya Palangkaraya, CV Abadi Jaya Seluler, CV Beta Indah Cellular, CV Gemilang XL Sejati, and PT Selular Global Net Cilegon.

Best Dealer Award is an appreciation to the dealers with the best KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in each region (West Region, Jabo Region, Central Region, East Region, and North Region). The purpose of this program is to give appreciation to the dealers who have successfully achieved the highest KPI average and met the KPI criteria and qualifications from each region during February – April 2011.

Basic evaluation of this program was based on performance achievement of each dealer based on their monthly KPI given by XL and the average was collected during February – April 2011. currently, XL partnering with 106 dealers throughout Indonesia. To make the partnership more maximum, XL has a number of special program for the dealers.