With only Rp500, you can play social games and interact with other gamers all day long! There are many exciting social games available, such as Monster Fight, Club Wars, Fun Factory, and more. This service can be used with all types of mobile phones, no installation or download necessary, and no need to subscribe.


What is Kota Games?

Kota Games is a social game service with browser-based and can be used with all kinds of handsets without having to download to install anything. This service is also able to be integrated to Facebook.



What is So Cool About Kota Games?

  • Does not need game installation.
  • Gamer can interacts with other gamers.
  • Only need to pay Rp500 to play games all day! (free GPRS)
  • Not a subscription service


Rates Info

Rates Benefit
Rp500 24 hour gaming access (FREE GPRS and 1.000 Virtual Credits)

Rates Kgold
Rp250 250
Rp500 500
Rp1000 12.000
Rp2.000 3.900
Rp3.000 5.000
Rp5.000 8.000
Rp8.000 12.000
Rp10.000 15.000
Rp15.000 22.500
  • Rate & Benefit

  • Tariff wallpaper + bonus Virtual Credit

  • Short action Rp150/SMS

How To Access:

Terms & Conditions:

  • User will be charged Rp500 to play for 24 hours (FREE GPRS)
  • After activation, you will receive an SMS notification from SDC 5888 containing WAP Kota Games link from 5888, and you will be charged Rp500. You will also receive 1.000 Kgold Wallpaper and Virtual Credits.
  • You can purchase Wallpaper and Virtual Credits via WAP, UMB or SMS, by selecting your desired nominal amount. 
  • You do not need to UNREG after using Kota Games, because this service is not a subscription service, so there will be no renewal.