Now you can access Opera Mini on your phone at a cheap rate.

Just activate XL Opera Mini Package and you will be able to :

  • Experience browsing with Opera Mini on your phone as you browse on PC.
  • Browsing with Opera Mini is faster than using any other browser.
  • Synchronize Social Network, email & RSS feed through Opera accessed on your PC with Opera Mini on your phone.

Register your XL number with Opera Mini Package now. Browsing becomes more exciting and faster!!

How To Subscribe

Via UMB:

Access *123*363#, Select any package you want:

Rp1.100,-1 day (2Mb) Rp5.500,-7 day (15Mb) Rp16.500,-30 day (50Mb)

Via SMS:

1 day Type OP1 send to 5363 (Rp1100/day = 2Mb) 7 daysType OP7 send to 5363 (Rp5500/7days = 15Mb) 30 daysType OP30 send to 5363 (Rp16500/30days = 50Mb)

Download the application on

How To Unsubscribe

Type UNREG send to 5363

Opera Mini