Programme Description

  • PANAH CINTA VALENTINE is an online competition event with prizes for men and women in that are single on Valentine's day
  • Panah Cinta Valentine runs from 1 February until 14 February 2013.
  • This program applies to all customers from each XL Region (11 region / local list attached in the FAQ) with the goal of XL youth community.
  • Panah Cinta Service van be accessed from
  • There will be 66 winners in this program.


  • To become a participant, user must have an account with Arrow Love, accessed from
  • Participants should gather score/ points for a chance to win prizes.
  • The winner is determined by highest score/ point during the period.
  • There will be 33 pairs of winners (66 winners total at the end of the period).
  • Score/ point can be collected if the participants do the following activities:
    • Log in Arrow Love
    • Sending a message flirt (flirt)
    • Sending crush / crush message
    • Getting the Vote from your friends

Score Mechanism

  • 1 time login to get 20 points
  • 1 time flirt 30 points
  • 1 time crush 30 points
  • Each Vote gets 10 points

Online Event Prizes Which Will Be Determined in Every Region

  • 1st - 22th Winners receive @ Android Mobilephone  and pulsa/credit 500.000
  • 23rd - 44th Winners receive Pulsa/Credit @500.000
  • 45th-66th Winners received Pulsa/Credit @300.000