XTra is XL community that has a young lifestyle and loves information about promo and brand based on your interest. X-Tra community will get an advanced benefit if there is information about promo from brand that is working with XL. Promo information that will be sent to the community is not limited to SMS or MMS only, and this information will not be charged at all.


Who deserve to follow XTra service?

Every XL Post-Paid and Pre-Paid customer could join freely


The Benefits of joining XTra Community

benefit xtra en



X-Tra is a free-of-charged service (FREE), all of the information received on X-Tra customers’ cellphones are free of charged

How To Subscribe

  • New SIM Card
    • STK Menu
      When STK menu pops out, customer must submit personal data as follows:
      1. Name
      2. Identity Number
      3. Address
      4. Place of Birth
      5. Date of Birth
      6. Gender
      7. X-Tra offer
      On the X-Tra offer part, customer must choose “Yes” to join X-Tra service.

      optin xtra

    • SMS 4444
      • Customer must send the personal data through SMS to 4444 with the format as follows:
        1. DAFTAR1#[Full Name]#[Identity Number]#[Full Address]
        2. DAFTAR2#[Place of Birth]#[Date of Birth; format:DD/MM/YYYY]#[Gender (L/P)]
        After sending the personal data, customer will receive X-Tra service offer and must answer Y/Ya/Yes/OK if customer wants to join X-Tra service.

        xtra registrasi

    • Call Center 817
      • Contact XL Call Center at 817 and ask to join X-Tra service.

  • Existing SIM Card
    • *200*300#
      Type *200*300#, choose menu 2. Gabung.
    • SMS to 300
      Type SMS Gabung/Daftar and send it to 300
    • Call Center 817
      Contact XL Call Center at 817 and ask to join X-Tra service.

How To Stop Subscribing

Customer could stop subscribing from X-Tra service by doing as follows:
  • *200*300#
    Type *200*300#, choose menu 3. Berhenti.
  • SMS 300
    Type SMS Berhenti/Henti/Stop/Unreg to 300
  • XL Call Center at 817
    Contacting XL Call Center at 817 and ask to stop subscribing X-Tra service.
  • *321#
    Type *321#, choose menu 4. Cek Informasi Gratis Xtra, then choose 1. Berhenti.

  • XL deserves to cancel, to draw, to discontinue, or to delay X-Tra for any reason based on owned policy without any confirmation to the customer. Customer agree that XL will not be responsible to the Customer or to other party in terms of cancelling, drawing, discontinuation, or suspension of X-Tra service

Terms and Condition

Terms of Using X-Tra by Customer
  • The use of X-Tra service by the customer is subjected to the Terms and Conditions of X-Tra usage (for later be called “Terms and Conditions of X-Tra Usage”) as explain below.
  • Customer needs to spend some time to read this Terms and Conditions of X-Tra Usage carefully.
The Consent of Usage on Terms and Conditions of X-Tra Usage
By using XL X-Tra, Customer is considered to have read this Terms and Conditions of X-Tra Usage and agree to subject and bound to this Terms and Conditions of X-Tra Usage.

The Usage of X-Tra by Customer
  • Customer agree that the information customer gives when registering can be used by XL and XL partners to provide customer with relevant information or ads from advertiser
  • XL is not responsible for any direct damage, indirect, incidental, or concequential, including not limited to the loss of income, data, or other information as result of participating in X-Tra service.
  • Customer admits and agrees that XL is not responsible for any link or access availability to any third party website and any service that is not owned or controlled by XL in its relation to X-Tra. XL is not responsible in any form of content and policy from service or sites owned by the third party and advertiser. Moreover, XL is also not responsible for any data/information, including customer's personal information (like name, telephone number, age, etc) that customer shares through communicating or interacting with the third party relating to this service. Customer is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions or website from the third party carefully before customer sharing information and XL is truly not responsible for the content or usage of that website by the customer.
  • Every transaction between the customer and the third party that is based on information gathered by X-Tra, including payment and delivery of product, service and terms, conditions, guarantee or representation related to that transaction, is made between customer and advertiser.
  • Customer agrees to accept an amount of message from X-Tra and ads maximum up to 5 per days

  1. Customer clearly agrees that the usage of X-Tra by the customer is based on customer's own risks and X-Tra is provided in 'as it is' and 'as available' condition. The organizer including its employees are not responsible on customer's usage of X-Tra.
  2. The organizer is not giving statement and warranty in any form about X-Tra content and is not responsible for:
    • content of X-Tra including the accuracy of information, including customer’s action based on the content;
    • the impact of customer’s usage of X-Tra;
    • access that is not allowed in X-Tra’s server including not responsible on datas that is submitted by the customer in relation to customer’s usage of X-Tra;
    • the removal and/or interruption and/or discontinuation of data that occurs in and/or to and/or from and/or in connection with X-Tra.