How to Get the Service

  • You must be a Paspor BCA (ATM BCA Card) holder.
  • Register at the nearest BCA ATM or main office branch.
  • Process the activation from your phone (for M-Info, M-Payment, and M-Admin transactions).
  • Process the PIN activation at the nearest BCA office branch (for M-Transfer and M-Commerce transactions).
  • Download M-BCA from Life In Hand/Data Service/XL Life menu on your phone.

How to Activate via Mobile Phone

  • Select ‘M-BCA’ menu on your phone, then press ‘OK/ YES’.
  • Select ‘M-Admin’, then press ‘OK/ YES’.
  • Select ‘Aktivasi’, then press ‘OK/ YES’.
  • Select ‘OK/ YES’ when an approval notification appears.
  • Enter your BCA ATM card number that you use to register to M-BCA, then press ‘OK/ YES’.
  • Enter your M-BCA PIN, then press ‘OK/ YES’.
  • You will receive a notification text on your phone.Aktivasi PIN di Kantor Cabang
How to Activate via Office Branch

Make sure you have completed the M-BCA registration and nonfinancial activation on your phone, then visit the nearest BCA office branch to process the PIN activation by bringing:

  • Your bankbook and ATM/Tapres/BCA Dollar that connected with M-BCA facility.
  • Your ID card (KTP or SIM).
  • Kartu Tanda Pengenal Nasabah Giro (KTPN) and Paspor BCA/BCA Dollar card that connected with M-BCA facility, for giro account holders.

After the PIN activation has completed, you can make a transfer at the same day.


  • Before doing any transaction from your phone, please make sure that your SMS inbox is not full.
  • The PIN that you used to accessed M-BCA for the first time should be the same PIN that you use in registration through BCA ATM. If your registered at a BCA office branch, then the PIN should be the same with your BCA ATM card PIN.
  • M-BCA service will be blocked automatically if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times in a row.
  • Do not tell your M-BCA PIN to anyone or save it in a place that will found by anyone.
  • If you have more than 1 account that connected with BCA ATM card that you use to register M-BCA, you will be asked to choose the account number that you want to use.
  • Every BCA ATM card can be connected with 10 phone numbers, from the same or different operators.
  • You can activate M-Info, M-Payment, and M-Admin services from your phone. While to activate M-Transfer and M-Commerce services, you have to visit the nearest BCA office branch to process a PIN activation, by filling an application form correctly, clearly and completely, which will be forwarded to BCA CSO. Make sure to register your own phone number.
  • For financial transactions (transfer/payment/commerce), enter the nominal of the transfer/payment/commerce, alongside with the number of account/subscriber/credit card/telephone/cell phone, without any space of other punctuation (e.g. hyphenation, period, etc.).
    In every financial transaction, you will receive a confirmation text containing transaction data. Make sure the transaction data validity before you continue the transaction process.
  • Every time you make a transaction through M-BCA, wait until you receive a reply for your transaction. If you haven’t received a reply, you have to ensure the transaction status by checking your balance/account statement.
  • For every financial transaction, you will receive a message notifying whether your transaction has succeeded or failed. For successful transaction, the message that you receive will be automatically saved in your inbox (as long as your message inbox is not full).
  • Inform BCA immediately if your SIM Card is missing, stolen, or transferred to another party.
  • Transfer limits between BCA accounts that can be done through M-BCA are merged with transfer limits through BCA ATM, with maximum nominal of:
    • Silver ATM card: Rp15.000.000 per day
    • Gold/Tapres/BCA Dollar card: Rp25.000.00 per day
    • Platinum card: Rp75.000.00 per day

Biaya Transaksi

Transaction Types Postpaid Prepaid

M-Info (Balance Info, Account Statement, etc.

Rp500 Rp550

M-Admin (Activation, PIN Change, etc.)

Rp500 Rp550


Rp1.000 Rp1.100

M-Commerce (Reload Credit, Stock, etc.)

Rp1.000 Rp1.100

M-Payment (Credit Card, Insurance, etc.)

Rp1.000 Rp1.100