BRI SMS Banking is a service to make a banking transaction via SMS to BRI number at 3300 by sending the keyword that has been set by BRI.

How to Activate

Via ATM:


  • Process registration at BRI ATM.
  • Select ’Transaksi Lain’ menu.
  • Process ’Registrasi’ by registering your phone number.


Via Office Branch:


  • Register SMS Banking at BRI Working Unit, such as Kanca, KCP, KK, and Unit.
  • Fill the application form for SMS Banking registration.
  • Attach the copy of your valid ID card and your BRI ATM card.


*Registration via ATM can only activate nonfinancial services (informational), such as balance inquiry, account statement, etc. To activate financial services, such as transfer to other account, credit reload, payment, etc., you need to register through BRI office branch.


List of Services and Keywords

  • Balance info

    • Type: SALDO[space][BRI SMS PIN], send to 3300.

  • Transfer to BRI account

    • Type: TRANSFER[space]BRI[DESTINATION ACCOUNT NUMBER][space][NOMINAL][space][BRI SMS PIN], send to 3300.

  • BRI credit card, Citibank (credit card, personal loan, ready cash, and Citifinancial), Standard Chartered credit card/unsecured loan, HSBC credit card/unsecured loan, and BNZ credit card payment

    • Type: BAYAR[space][BANK NAME][space][CARD NUMBER][space][NOMINAL][space][BRI SMS PIN], send to 3300.

  • XL, simPATI, Mentari, and IM3 Smart credit voucher reload

    • Type: PULSA[space][PHONE NUMBER][space][NOMINAL/1000][space][BRI SMS PIN], send to 3300.

    • Example: PULSA 08170111111 25 123456

    • Available credit value: 25.000/50.000/100.000/200.000.   

  • PIN SMS BRI SMS PIN change'

    • Type: PIN[space][NEW BRI SMS PIN][space][OLD BRI SMS PIN], send to 3300.

  • Transaction info (Help)

    • Type: HELP, send to 3300.

Tarif SMS

XL Prepaid

Rp350/ SMS send Rp550 / receive

XL Postpaid

Rp250/ send Rp500/ receive

For more info, visit the nearest BRI office branch or contact BRI Call Center at 14017 from your phone. You can also get more info at: