What is m-Kartu Kredit?

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Enjoy M-Kartu Kredit many benefits without having to worry that you need to pay right away.

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The billing from your transaction will be listed in the credit card billing that you have registered.

What Can m-Kartu Kredit Do?

  • Akses Lewat MyInfo

    Access via MyInfo

    Check your M-Kartu Kredit transaction history through xl.co.id.

  • Multiple Registered Credit Cards

    M-Kartu Kredit Applications

    Enjoy the apps provided by XL to help you make any transaction through M-Kartu Kredit.

  • Satu Nomor Pilihan

    Configurable Designated Number

    Simply submit an XL number that will be reloaded with credit automatically and can be used to pay the bills.

  • Konfigurasi Transaksi Berulang

    Configurable Recurring Transaction

    Manage your credit balance, data package purchase and your desired period, anytime and anywhere.

  • Akses Lewat Mobile Site XL

    Access via XL Mobile Site

    Easy way to access M-Kartu Kredit at XL.co.id.

  • m-PIN


    This service also comes with M-PIN (Mobile PIN) that will put to use in every M-Kartu Kredit transaction.

  • Aplikasi M-Credit Card

    Multiple Registered Credit Cards

    With this service, you can register more than one credit card! And all credit cards are available for a real-time registration.

  • Registrasi Langsung

    Real-time Registration

    Now you can register M-Kartu Kredit in real-time through available channel. Fast and trusted!

m-Kartu Kredit Registration

VISA or MasterCard credit card can be registered to XL M-Kartu Kredit. Every transaction will run fast, safely, and confidentially. 


  • visa
  • mastercard
  • mastercard securecode
  • verified by visa


How to Register

  • Register your credit card via xl.co.id, USSD, M-Kartu Kredit application

  • Reply to the confirmation that has been sent by XL

  • XL M-Kartu Kredit will ready to use for transactions, once you have received the notification.


  • Only credit cards with VISA or MasterCard logo that can be used to register to M-Kartu Kredit.
  • Every transaction will be confirmed by a notification SMS from XL.
  • Keep your password and M-PIN safe.

m-Kartu Kredit Verification

m card



  • Only Visa and MasterCard credit cards that can be used for M-Kartu Kredit.
  • Every activity will be marked with an SMS notification from XL.
  • It is best to keep your password and M-PIN to yourself.


  • Customers are suggested to read the applicable terms and conditions carefully before using XL service.
  • By using XL service, customers are considered to have understood and agreed to the applicable terms and conditions, also privacy policy
  • Customers do not have the right to use XL service if they do not agree to follow the applicable terms and conditions, also privacy policy.

Electronic Mail (Email) Terms Of Use

  • Customers are obligated to give information of an active email address when logging into XL website for the first time. This email address will be used to send various information, such as PIN code reset request confirmation, customer¿s ID, password, and a new password change confirmation.
  • Customers understand and able to ensure that all the information that was given to XL is legitimate and give the permission to XL partner company to process data verification.

Service Blocking

  • Based on company policy, XL reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to terminate the service given if a customer has been proved to violate or avoid the stated obligations.

Legal Requirements

  • Application of these terms and conditions are under the protection of the law and the applicable regulations in The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Customers agree that either XL or other related party is not responsible to the matters that may occur, such as error, delay, or abandonment of (1) data, information, message, or (2) data delivery, information, or message. XL is also considered not responsible for any damages or losses as a cause of (i) service inaccuracy, error, delay or abandoned service, (ii) lack of service performance, or (iii) disruption that occurs to the data, information, or message, which caused by negligence, force majeure, or other matters beyond the control of XL facility.
  • Customers are considered to have read, understood, and agreed to follow these terms and conditions, also understood that this agreement applies exclusively to all the related parties.
  • Customers do not have the right to use XL service if they do not agree to follow these terms and conditions.

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