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About MyXL

MyXL is a one stop self-care application for XL Customers to take care all of your XL card uses. Reloading phone credit, purchasing package, or just checking internet quota directly on smartphone or tablet.

Wish to instantly feel MyXL services? Go download the application on tablet and computer through, or on Google Play Store and App Store. Bring easiness to all of your telecommunication needs with MyXL application.

MyXL Features

  • Check Credit

    Phone Credit Information
    Check phone credit you have left right away. Find out your phone credit status to anticipate the best time to reload.

  • Check Internet Quota

    Internet Quota
    Your quota balance is displayed on quota meter to estimate your following internet usage..

  • SIM Card & Internet Active Period Info

    SIM Card Active Period & Package Status
    Check your XL card active period & package status easily to anticipate the best time to renew the services.

  • Reload Credit with Voucher

    Phone Credit Reload
    No more hassle in filling up your phone credit. Reload anytime, anywhere on MyXL with XL Tunai or credit card.

  • Buy Internet Package

    Purchase Internet Package
    Purchase any internet packages you need on MyXL. Also check your package status easily on the app..

  • Profile Info

    4G Status Availibility
    Are you 4G ready? Check your availability through 3 indicators: 4G device, SIM Card 4G and 4G internet package.

How to use MyXL



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