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What is MyXL?

MyXL is a self-care application dedicated to XL customers for their daily XL card usage. MyXL can be used to reload credit, buy package, and check internet quota, directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Want to give MyXL a try? MyXL can be accessed from your tablet and computer through or download it from Google Play Store and App Store. With MyXL application your communication needs are easier to get.

MyXL Features

  • Check Credit

    Check Credit

  • Check Internet Quota

    Check Internet Quota

  • SIM Card & Internet Active Period Info

    SIM Card & Internet Active Period Info

  • Reload Credit with Voucher

    Reload Credit with Voucher

  • Buy Internet Package

    Buy Internet Package

  • Profile Info

    Profile Info

How To Access

How to use MyXL? It’s so easy! Just type on your handset or desktop computer’s internet browser, or download it on Android Google Play Store with keyword “MyXL”

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