• This promo is valid for XL Prepaid customers who are registered as XL Star and XL Prepaid and Postpaid customers and registered as XL Premium customers (“XL Customers”). This promo is not valid for XL employees, VIP/VVIP customers, corporate customers, HAURAA customers, XL Tourist customers, Retail Outlets and XL Kita.
  • To get this promo, XL Customers must have an XL account or are already registered at  www.rajakamar.com
  • The validity periods of this promo are as follows:
    1. Room reservation period: July 8th – December 31th 2013
    2. Staying period (check in) : July 9th – 31st March 2014
  • In this promo, XL Customers are entitled for discount promo of up to 5% for every purchase or room reservation at www.rajakamar.com/xl
  • The 5% discount promo cannot be combined with other promos.
  • In this promo, XL Customers are also entitled to get additional cash back vouchers of up to Rp. 50.000 for every purchase of holiday package or room reservation.
  • Starting from September 1st 2013, customers can get additional cash back vouchers of up to Rp. 50.000 if the total payment is made by XL cash.
  • This discount promo is only valid for online hotel reservation at www.rajakamar.com, it is not valid for offline reservation or reservation with BB Apps and Android Apps, provided that there are rooms available.
  • When making reservation at www.rajakamar.com/xl, XL Customers must inform of their XL phone numbers and PIN. PIN can be obtained by calling XL customer service at 817 or click here
  • Each XL customer is only entitled to get one PIN during promo period and the PIN can only be used for one transaction during reservation period at www.rajakamar.com/xl
  • XL customers who have made reservation and payment will receive confirmation in the form of electronic hotel voucher via email. This electronic hotel voucher can be printed before using it for check-in
  • After making reservation, XL customers can get their Rp. 50,000 cash back voucher by calling Rajakamar.com Call Center at 021-5000 12. XL customers must inform their booking code number to get their cash back voucher.
  • Rp.50.000 cash back voucher is valid for one year and can be used for the next booking, but can not be combined with other promos.
  • Other ordering processes and room payment methods as well as other terms and conditions not mentioned here refer to the process and general terms and conditions apply at Rajakamar.com. For further information, XL Customers can call directly to Rajakamar.com Call Center at 021-500012.
  • Further information regarding this promo can be enquired to XL customer service at 817. All inquiries regarding booking confirmation, room prices, room availability and other related services and products of Rajakamar.com can be directed to Rajakamar.com Call Center at 021-500012.
  • From time to time, XL has the authorization to make changes for criteria or privileges granted to XL Star customers without prior notice to related customers.
  • If customers are proven to misuse and/or violate with XL STAR program or XL Premium, XL has the right to withdraw all privileges given to them as XL STAR customers.