Hi Facebook Users,

If you to play games on Facebook (FarmVille, PetVille, Pet Society, Ninja Saga, Poker, etc.), now you don"t have to worry about how to level up your game or get items. Now, Facebook Credits can be purchased with your XL credit! So you don"t need to bother using your credit card or purchase Facebook Credits voucher.

Facebook Credits are a virtual currency that is applicable on Facebook. With this virtual currency, you can make so many transactions on Facebook, such as:

  • Purchase points to play games on Facebook
  • Purchase virtual greeting cards
  • Purchase special and premium items for the Facebook games that you play
  • Purchase virtual pets on Facebook
  • Purchase virtual houses on Facebook

To make a Facebook Credits transaction, you simply need to log in to a Facebook game/app, then select payment option through "Mobile Payment" by selecting XL Axiata, then follow the instructions that are available in Facebook Credits page.
Here are the steps to use Facebook Credits, which can be accessed at:

Customer Journey Facebook Credits:

  • Access Facebook (via website), then select your desired Facebook game, or you can go straight to the destined Facebook game address (example: http://apps.facebook.com/cafeland) Then if you want to purchase Facebook Credits, select payment menu (example: for the Cafeland game, select "Add Cash").

  • Select payment option via phone (select "Mobile Payment"), then select your desired denomination.

  • You will be asked to confirm the Facebook Credits transaction that you have chosen.

  • You will be asked to confirm the XL number that you will use to make the payment, the listed number is the phone number listed in your Facebook profile (if the listed number does not match, you can change it by selecting the menu to change your phone number).

  • After you confirm with a payment method through credit and phone number that you will use, you can click the button "Buy 5". Then select XL operator

  • You will be asked to follow instructions if you want to "Continue" by sending an SMS with a keyword guide as listed on you Facebook screen.
    Type: Pay5 and send to 2658 via SMS

  • PType keyword PAY5 (MO Rp0) to get PIN confirmation, in which the PIN will be used to be exchanged with the Facebook Credits that you have purchased.

    Send a text via SMS with the keyword above to short code: 2658

  • If the top-up is successful, you will get the PIN with deducted credit according to your desired Facebook Credits transaction.

    List of Keywords & Facebook Credits Rates

    Keywords Rates
    PAY5 IDR5,000,-
    PAY10 IDR10,000,-
    PAY15 IDR15,000,-
    PAY30 IDR30,000,-
    PAY45 IDR45,000,-
    PAY60 IDR60,000,-

    (Rates are exclusive of 10% VAT)

  • Enter the PIN that you have received into the confirmation page of PIN exchange and the Facebook Credits that you have purchased.

  • After you enter PIN number, click the confirmation button. After successful, the Facebook Credits will be topped up to the game that you play.

Want to keep playing games on Facebook easily? Purchase Facebook Credits with your XL credit!


Facebook game players who do not own a credit card, PayPal account, or voucher can purchase Facebook Credits or Virtual Goods with their XL credit.

  • You must visit www.facebook.com
  • Choose one of the games on Facebook (example: Cafeland)
  • Allow the game application to run.
  • Game loading
  • Select "Add Cash" on the Cafeland game tab.
  • Note: The tab name for each game may vary (example: Add Crown, Buy Coins, etc.).
  • Select "Buy with Mobile" or "Mobile Payment".
  • Select your desired denomination (amount of value).
  • Select your country and enter your phone number by clicking the "Change" button and click "OK".
  • Select your desired operator (XL Axiata) and click "Continue".
  • Follow the instructions on the website by sending an SMS through your phone with a specific keyword to 2658 (see list of keywords above).
  • If you have sufficient credit, then you will receive an SMS reply (MT) which contains PIN code.
  • Enter the PIN code to the Facebook website and click "Confirm".
  • Facebook Credits are successfully topped up.