Nominating and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) is in accordance with OJK Regulation No. 34/POJK.04/2014 on the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of Issuers or Public Companies issued on 8 December 2014.

The NRC role is to assist the Board of Commissioners in the effectiveness of their responsibilities to ensure that the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors comprise individuals who have the highest standards of governance and the diversity of membership.

The NRC examines and discusses the proposal of Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners candidates in NRC meetings or with circular decision to determine whether qualifications and background of candidates have met the requirements, and are eligible to be appointed by GMS.

The NRC also studies and suggests compensation, including its scheme for Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors by taking into account each member position along with its duties, responsibilities, and other generally accepted standards.

The implementation of duties and responsibilities of NRC for financial year is disclosed in the Company’s Annual Report.


Terms of Reference of Nominating and Remuneration Committee


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