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Sustainability Commitment from our CEO

From year to year, we have been keeping our sustainability programmes and activities focused and aligned under the Four Pillars of Sustainability that consists of Process Excellence, Planet & Environment, Professionalism & Profits, and People & Community Development.

To deliver our programmes, we revert to what we do best and that is mobile technology. It is a theme that spans across our programmes, with some of them entirely supported by technology as the backbone. As our sustainability goal articulates, we aim to “Developing Indonesia through Democratization of Technology”.

We also observe global goals of sustainable development, which have identified 17 areas that are critical for the continuance of this planet and the society, including poverty eradication, quality education, and climate actions. In addition to that, we are part of the 8,402 companies in 162 countries that have pledged commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which is a platform for businesses to act on global goals.

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Our Pillars of Sustainability

We Value Process Excellence

We Believe in Continuous People Development

Kami berusaha untuk memiliki Profesionalisme, Etika & Integritas yang Tinggi

Kami Peduli dengan Lingkungan Hidup

Statement SUPPORT UN Global Goals

In September 2015, the UN introduced the Global Goals to the world - a 17 point plan to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality. They are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

XL Axiata is proud to support the #GlobalGoals, the most important to-do list in history.

Mobile networks have the power to accelerate this journey in a way no other technology can. That is why we are united in support for helping tackle the Global Goals. As the first industry to come together and get behind the UN, we will continue to ensure that connectivity plays a key role in helping achieve the 17 targets by 2030.

The Global Goals are big. And so is our ambition. Together we will continue to connect everyone and everything to a better future.

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