XL Millenial Development Program

Development program for fresh graduate before entering professional work life

(1 year development)

Recruitment process by our partner :
Aida Consultant


  • Bachelor degree with GPA 3.0 and maximum age is 23 years old or Master degree with GPA 3.5 and maximum age is 25 years old
  • Major : Business & management, Computer Science, Digital Marketing, Computer Engineering, Information Engineering, Information System, Industrial Engineering, Marketing, Communication, Statistic, Mathematic, Electrical / Telecommunication Engineering, Accounting.
  • Have significant achievement / leadership role experience, social contribution experience
  • Agile, broad knowledge & insight, technology update and digital savvy millennials.

Compensation & benefit

  • Attractive pocket money for 12 months development
  • Medical & telecommunication allowance
  • Leadership & self development program
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Involvement in company project


Send your CV, academic transcript and certificate to